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Regular Infantry Guys Podcast

Jun 25, 2017

Owner of Iron Beast Gym, Veteran, and Vice President of American Powerlifting Committee (APC), Marcel tells his story. We discuss what drives him on a daily basis, the value of work ethic, and how he started such a successful performance facility. Additionally, we address obstacles that we veteran's face during...

Jun 24, 2017

Joe Dessert a 1-28 INF Officer comes onto the show and talks about his transition from the military. The main focus is of this podcast is to give insight on how to find passion and purpose after changing career paths. The culture shock and combating PTSD is essential components of making a smooth transition. 

Jun 20, 2017

Mike Lloyd is a medically-retired Veteran who uses weightlifting for therapeutic purposes. His goal is to open a small facility with new and used weightlifting equipment to help those who are suffering from PTSD, social anxiety, or lack of support group.